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  2. Conference training

Conference training

  • Depending on the number of people in use and the content of the meeting and training
    We will propose the optimal layout.

    We also offer screens and projectors. (Partially paid)

Training pack

  • Training pack

    One and a half day advantageous training pack with accommodation
    One person, 3 meals per night, 11,000 yen (Tax excluded)
    One person, 3 meals per night, 13,000 yen(Tax excluded)With all-you-can-drink party

    【Training pack benefits】
    1 training meeting room fee for use one and a half days free to two rooms
    2 coffee break service 1 time
    Conference equipment rental free of 3 projectors

    【Training pack usage example】
     ◆First day
      9:00 training
     12:00 lunch
     13:00 training (With coffee)
     17:00 bathing
     18:00 dinner stay
     ◆the 2nd day
      7:00 breakfast
      8:30 training
     12:00 Dissolution
     ※If the first day of training starts in the afternoon, the second day can be used until the evening.