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  • Banquet Plan

    Autumn banquet plan
    September 1-October 31

    ●Chefs and board members will prepare dishes that satisfy the season with all your heart.

    ●Four types of course are available: Japanese-Western course and rice cake course. Please choose your favorite course.
    In addition, if you want to change the food depending on the purpose of your meeting, we will meet your needs.

    ●All you can drink for 2 hours.

    ●Free transportation for the city with 10 people or more.
  • Lunch banquet plan

    Relaxed pack

    ●Popular with neighborhood associations and women's associations.
    Great lunchtime banquet plan

    Take a bath, eat food, have a karaoke, and have a good time enjoying the views of the hotel with the ocean in front of you.

    ●Special Advantages
    3 hours free of charge from 111: 00 to 14:00
    2 weekdays limited soft drink included
    3 karaoke free
    Free city transfer with 410 people or more
  • Overnight banquet plan

    If you are going to a banquet, you must see
    Good value accommodation with a banquet plan

    ●1 Night/ 2 Meals
    (Dinner is served with banquet dishes and all-you-can-drink)
    From 10,000 yen a person (Tax excluded)
    The day before the weekend is plus ¥ 1,000
    We accept from 10 people

    ●Second party plan
    2,500 yen per person
    (karaoke, Appetizers, All-you-can-drink with 2 hours)
    We accept from 10 people
  • Official plan

    Memorable memories are hearty dishes.
    We will prepare everything you need for analysis, including chopsticks, packing, drawers, cakes, and flowers.

    ●Judo set plan
    12,000 yen per person
    ※Fees vary depending on the content of the food
    (Chopsticks dish for your meal, Tipsy set, Draws or withdrawals, Shadow, Offering flowers)

    ●Chorus food
    From 6,000 yen

    ●The closing of the shrine
    From 3,000 yen

    ●Home → Temple → Hotel → Home
    There is also a free transfer (limited to the city and upstairs).

    ●We also accept deliveries of chopsticks and packing to temples and homes.
  • Venue

    According to various applications
    We offer Western and Japanese-style rooms.

    Every banquet room is a venue full of sunlight.
    The sea can be overlooked from the meeting place on the sea side.
  • Courtesy bus

    We will pick you up in the city and Hashikami Town Bus for more than 10 people.
    Owned 2 buses